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3rd PigHouse, Founder.

Last Positions: Invillia, Head of Creative Marketing // DDB, Chief Creative Officer.

Concept, creativity & technology. With 27 years of experience leading creative teams at global agencies such as DDB, Omnicom, Publicis, Interpublic, and Havas, Rodolfo Barreto is renowned as a multidisciplinary professional and a visionary problem solver. Throughout his career, he has successfully navigated various business models, including offline, branding, digital, brand experience & activation, and marketing. Rodolfo applies his expansive creative vision to address complex business and product challenges. He transcends the traditional role of a Creative Director by leveraging his broad perspective on the world to devise innovative solutions that drive business success.

 Rodolfo’s career is defined by his passion for challenges and his expertise in quickly assembling and leading teams for business formation and expansion. He strongly believes in the power of diversity, advocating for teams composed of individuals from different cultures, genders, and skill sets to generate the most innovative ideas. Rodolfo enjoys working hands-on with all departments and has extensive experience in developing enduring concepts. His proficiency in storytelling and structuring ideas further enhances his competence as a creative leader.

As an early adopter and opinion leader in innovation, Rodolfo regards technology as a vital force and dedicates his energy to startups and ideas that positively impact people’s lives. His projects often merge technology and creativity, which he believes is the future of communication.

 In addition to his work in advertising, Rodolfo is an accomplished screenwriter with four short films to his credit and five additional projects in development, including series, movies, and a play. His screenwriting efforts have earned him nine awards. As a photographer, he collaborates with Getty Images Latam and Unsplash, achieving a milestone of 8 million views on his photos and receiving nine accolades from FWA. As an author, Rodolfo penned the book “Traumas and Other Things That Do Not Go in the Bath,” published by RSC Publisher.



// CANNES Bronze Pharma Cinematography  (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2021
// CANNES Shortlis Pharma Use of Music (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2021
// CANNES Bronze Health (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// CANNES Silver PR (Woman Interrupted App) - 2017
// CANNES Shortlist Innovation (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// CANNES Shortlist Sustainable (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// CANNES Shortlist Health (DERMODEX - The UnPhotographed Album) - 2018
// CANNES Shortlist Health (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// CANNES Shortlist Glass (Woman Interrupted App) - 2017
// CANNES Shortlist Mobile (Woman Interrupted App) - 2017
// CANNES Shortlist Promo (Woman Interrupted App) - 2017
// CANNES Shortlist Radio (Woman Interrupted App) - 2017
// ONU Mujeres Finalist (Woman interrupted) - 2017
// D&AD Impact Finalist (Woman Interrupted) - 2018 
// LONDON INTERNATIONAL AWARDS Bronze Health (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// LONDON INTERNATIONAL AWARDS Finalist Film Craft (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// THE GLOBAL AWARDS Grand Prix Good Global Award (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) // 2019
// THE GLOBAL AWARDS Gold Out of Home (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) // 2019
// THE GLOBAL AWARDS Silver Cinematography (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// THE GLOBAL AWARDS Silver Film Direction (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// THE GLOBAL AWARDS Finalist Script (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// THE GLOBAL AWARDS Finalist Short Form (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// EFFIE AWARDS Bronze (Burger King) - 2020
// EFFIE AWARDS Silver (Jequiti Beauty) - 2018
// THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS 1st Prize Outdoor Best of Use (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) // 2019
// THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS 2nd Prize Positive World Impact / Public Service (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) // 2019
// THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS 3rd PrizeAvant-Garde Innovative (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) // 2019
// THE ONE SHOW AWARDS Merit Innovation Health & Wellness (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) // 2019
// THE ONE SHOW AWARDS Merit OOH Health & Wellness (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) // 2019
// NEW YORK FESTIVALS Finalist Digital / Interactive Public Service Announcements & Communications (Woman Interrupted App) - 2018
// CLIO AWARDS Gold OOH Health & Wellness  (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// CLIO AWARDS Shortlist Film (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// CLIO HEALTH AWARDS Silver Cinematography (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// CLIO HEALTH AWARDS Silver Film Direction (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// CLIO HEALTH AWARDS Bronze Short Form (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// El OJO Gold Media Strategy (Burger King - Diamond Whopper) - 2020
// El OJO Silver Promotional Marketing (Burger King - Diamonde Whopper) - 2020
// El OJO Gold +Women Creator (Libbs - Voices of Silence) - 2020
// El OJO Bronze Influencers & Co-creation (Libbs - Voices of Silence) - 2020
// EL OJO Silver Integral Production (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// EL OJO Silver Film Direction (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// EL OJO Bronze Photography (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// EL OJO Shortlist Art Direction (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2019
// El OJO Silver OOH Innovation (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// El OJO Silver Environment & Sustainability (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// EPICA AWARDS Gold Public Interest – Health & Safety (HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - The Dissolving Poster) - 2018
// AD STARS Shortlist Film (DERMODEX - The UnPhotographed Album) - 2018
// AD STARS Shortlist Design (DERMODEX - The UnPhotographed Album) - 2018
// AD STARS Shortlist Media (DERMODEX - The UnPhotographed Album) - 2018
// AD STARS Shortlist Print (DERMODEX - The UnPhotographed Album) - 2018
// BRAZIL CREATIVE CLUB (CCSP) Shortlist Film Direction (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2020
// BRAZIL CREATIVE CLUB (CCSP) Shortlist Art Direction (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2020
// BRAZIL CREATIVE CLUB (CCSP) Shortlist Photography (PFIZER - Beautiful Dreamer) - 2020
// BRAZIL CREATIVE CLUB (CCSP) Shortlist Design (VANISH WHITE - No Stain Sauces) - 2018
// BRAZIL CREATIVE CLUB (CCSP) Shortlist Direct (JONTEX - Edible Candy Wrapper) - 2018
// BRAZIL CREATIVE CLUB (CCSP) SIlver Direct (DERMODEX - The UnPhotographed Album) - 2018
// BRAZIL CREATIVE CLUB (CCSP) In-Book Branded Content (DERMODEX - The UnPhotographed Album) - 2018
// New York Festivals Global Awards Grand Jury - 2018
// Lürzer's Archive Book 3 (Woman Interrupted App) - 2017
// TEDx São Paulo Brazil Official Selection (For the Right of the Full Speak Woman Interrupted App) - 2017


// CANNES WINNERS 2017 Speaker (THE POWER OF “NO”.) - 2017


// CEARÁ IBERO AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL, BRAZIL Best Original Script (Last one flight) - 2013
// SAN SEBASTIAN FILM FESTIVAL, MEXICO Great Award (Satúrnica) - 2014
// SAN LUIS POTOSI INTERNATIONAL FILME FESTIVAL, MEXICO Best International Film (Satúrnica) - 2014
// DELHI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Honor Film Award (Satúrnica) - 2013
// LOS ANGELES CINEFEST, USA Official Selection (A piece of you) - 2015
// NEW YORK FILM WEEK, USA Official Selection (A piece of you) - 2015
// MOVE ME SHORTFILM FESTIVAL, BELGIUM Official Selection (A piece of you) - 2015


 // GETTYIMAGES LATAM Collaborator - 2010
 // Unsplash Collaborator - 2019
// MUBE MUSEUM Introducing Brazil to Flickr One of the 28 selected photographers - 2008
// FWA Photo of the day (Canons & Canon) - 2015
// FWA Photo of the day (China Walkers) - 2015
// FWA Photo of the day (Dancing Butterfly) - 2012
// FWA Photo of the day (Hungry Capital) - 2012
// FWA Photo of the day (Naked Death) - 2012
// FWA Photo of the day (Sharpen Nightmares) - 2010
// FWA Photo of the day (Mad Sexy Wishes) - 2009
// FWA Photo of the day (Sea Ways) - 2007
// FWA Photo of the day (A fish to my dragon) - 2005




Automotive  //  Mitsubishi Motors, Peugeot, Citroën
Tech Companies  //  Samsung, Sony, Invillia
Telecom  //  Claro, Telefonica, NET
Foods&Drinks  //  Pepsico, Hershey’s, Gruppo Campari, Parmalat
Cosmetics  //  L’Oréal, Gillette, Jequiti
CPG  //  Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Pão de Açúcar 
Health  //  Reckitt Benckiser, Smithkline Beecham
Fashion  //  Hering, Arezzo
Financial Companies  //  Itaú, Bradesco, American Express


// ESPM RIO - Advertising & Marketing
// ROBERT MCKEE - Screenwriting
// B_ARCO - Screenwriting 


// PORTUGUESE - Native
// ENGLISH - Professional


Rodolfo Barreto demonstrates exceptional conceptual creativity, with a profound ability to comprehend complex business landscapes and translate them into powerful brand identities and concepts. His strategic vision enables him to tackle and clarify challenges previously deemed insurmountable. Rodolfo’s unwavering commitment to his clients allows him to delve deep into the intricacies of their businesses, bringing essential insights to the forefront through effective communication strategies. His innovative approach not only aligns with the brand’s core values but also ensures that each concept resonates profoundly with the target audience, setting new industry standards and achieving remarkable success.
Rodolfo Barreto excels in managing creative projects and teams characterized by high levels of complexity. By seamlessly integrating technology and creativity, he leads multidisciplinary teams to deliver innovative and impactful solutions. His strategic oversight ensures that each project is executed with precision, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance creative outcomes. Rodolfo’s leadership fosters a collaborative environment where diverse talents converge to tackle intricate challenges, driving projects to success and setting new benchmarks in the industry.
Rodolfo Barreto embarked on his journey into Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing and communication in 2021. As an early adopter of emerging technologies, he has consistently stayed at the forefront of innovation, mastering the leading platforms in the market, including image production, audio, video, editing, and avatars. He pioneered the first entirely AI-driven campaign in Brazil, demonstrating his groundbreaking approach that extends beyond traditional advertising to integrate Generative AI into artistic projects. Rodolfo’s expertise spans across various cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, NFTs, and mobile applications, solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader in modern communication. His work sets new industry standards, showcasing the transformative power of technology in the marketing and communication landscape. 
Rodolfo Barreto is the visionary behind the Futurospective platform, where he expands on his profound insights into human development through the lens of technology. As the author of this innovative platform, Rodolfo delves into the intersection of technological advancements and their impact on society, exploring how emerging technologies can shape a better future. His work on Futurospective exemplifies his commitment to forward-thinking and thought leadership, providing a comprehensive analysis of the potential trajectories of human progress in an increasingly digital world.
As an accomplished photographer, Rodolfo Barreto is a collaborator with Getty Images Latam. He was one of the 28 photographers selected for the prestigious “Present your Brazil” exhibition at Mube Museum and has been featured nine times as “Photo of the Day” by FWAPHOTO.
Rodolfo Barreto is the author of the book “Traumas and Other Things That Do Not Go in the Bath,” published by RCS Publisher. His literary work showcases his profound ability to explore complex themes with nuance and depth.

Rodolfo Barreto’s screenwriting prowess is exemplified through his work on several acclaimed short films, including “Équilibre,” “Control Pê,” “Last One Flight” (recipient of the Best Screenplay award at the International Festival of Ceará, 2013), and “Satúrnica” (garnering multiple international accolades such as Best Film in Calcutta, Best Foreign Film in New Delhi and São Luiz do Potosi, Special Prize at San Sebastian, and Best Actress in Spain). His latest short film, “A Piece of You,” has been selected for numerous festivals worldwide. Currently, Rodolfo is embarking on his first feature film, “Black Doesn’t Wear White,” which is based on a compelling true story.




A New Creative


Creative </ hack > Leader & Founder - 3rd PigHouse

After experiencing and leading diverse business models within the communication market, Rodolfo Barreto developed a proprietary working methodology, anchored on the three pivotal pillars of his extensive career: concept, creativity, and technology. Under his visionary leadership, 3rd PigHouse swiftly evolved into a versatile, multi-model company, adept at transforming rapidly to meet the exacting demands of any challenge. This transformation was achieved through the strategic integration of top-tier talent and cutting-edge artificial intelligence across the entire creative process. Check it out:




Head of Creative Marketing - Invillia

Invillia stands as one of the foremost tech companies in Brazil, having partnered with major global innovators for over 20 years. In this capacity, Rodolfo Barreto spearheaded a comprehensive image overhaul, driving the communication strategy, transforming the brand identity, and orchestrating significant campaigns targeting two primary audiences: developers and tech leaders. Additionally, he played a crucial role in setting up the company’s expansion into Europe. The impactful campaigns he created include: Hello Strangers, The Strange Developer's Symphony, Believe, Power Babies, Versus Presencial, Bored Devs NFTs, /Imagine, Banking, Insiders, Devs AI Pwd, Versus White Label, Nxt Gen Devs, AI / Ano Invillia, among others. Within these innovative projects, he integrated five AI platforms into the creative process, utilizing both renowned and emerging technologies. This strategic integration enabled Invillia to produce the first Brazilian campaign entirely composed of AI-generated images, setting a new benchmark in the industry.





Chief Creative Officer - TracyLocke Brazil DDB

TracyLocke DDB emerged as a new agency in Brazil, launched with prestigious accounts such as Heineken, Diageo, Burger King, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Libbs, Sanofi, Claro, Etna, JHSF, and Itaú. Rodolfo Barreto’s mandate was to transform TracyLocke into a formidable creative powerhouse. Under his creative direction, the agency garnered over 15 international awards, including Cannes Lions, Effie Awards, Ampro Globes Awards Grand Prix, and Agency of the Year. Among his notable achievements were the conceptualization of Claro Gaming and the pioneering implementation of the first in-game coupon action within Free Fire for Burger King.





Executive Creative Director - BETC (Havas Group)

When Rodolfo Barreto commenced his tenure at BETC, the team comprised just 25 individuals facing a singular challenge: securing the Peugeot pitch. Eighteen months later, the team had expanded to 250 professionals, with 50 members under his creative leadership. The agency’s primary clients included Peugeot, Citroën, Reckitt Benckiser, PepsiCo, Parmalat, Hering, and Pão de Açúcar, among others. Among his most significant projects, Rodolfo spearheaded the concept and creative development of the Woman Interrupted App and engineered Brazil’s first Facebook Anthology project for Peugeot. His visionary leadership led to the agency winning over 30 international awards, including Cannes Lions, ONU Mujeres, Effie Awards, New York Festivals, Ad Star, PepsiCo Chairman Idea of the Year, and a Grand Prix at the Global Awards.





Creative Director - Tudo (Omnicom Group)

In 2012, Rodolfo Barreto was invited to join Tudo, an Omnicom Group agency, as Creative Director. Having spent several years honing his expertise in digital, he aimed to transcend the digital realm and integrate creativity seamlessly with technology. Though the “Internet of Things” was not a widely recognized concept in 2012, Rodolfo’s visionary goal was to fuse creativity and technology into a unified force. A prime example of this innovative approach was the World Cup campaign for Itaú Bank, Brazil’s primary sponsor. Rodolfo led the creation of the “Heart Ball,” an ingenious campaign that transformed the real-time heartbeats of Brazilians into a powerful motivational boost for the national football team.




Creative Director - Fbiz (WPP Group)

In 2008, Fbiz was recognized as an independent digital production company. At that time, Rodolfo Barreto was invited to join a distinguished group of leaders with the formidable challenge of transforming Fbiz into a powerhouse advertising agency. Within a mere two years, under his creative leadership, the agency began managing accounts for prominent clients such as Itaú Bank, 15 brands from Unilever, Gruppo Campari, and PepsiCo. This extraordinary growth drew the attention of major international conglomerates, culminating in Fbiz’s acquisition by the WPP group and its evolution into one of the largest online agencies in the country.

Creative Director - One Digital (Publicis Group)

One Digital (Publicis Group) presented Rodolfo Barreto with his inaugural challenge as a Creative Director, igniting his profound ambition to transcend the confines of traditional digital advertising. Driven by a vision to expand digital’s potential beyond mere banners and media, he pioneered the creation of innovative formats that seamlessly blended real and virtual experiences. This groundbreaking approach was exemplified in projects for high-profile clients such as Samsung, American Express, and Bradesco, one of Brazil’s most powerful financial institutions.

Associate Creative Director - LOV (Dentsu Group)

In 2004, as Brazil embarked on its digital journey with the launch of Google in the USA, Rodolfo Barreto recognized the profound impact this movement would have on the future of communication. Driven by this insight, he relocated to São Paulo, the economic capital of Brazil. Joining LOV (Dentsu Group), his first fully online agency, Rodolfo spearheaded landmark projects including Brazil’s first entirely online car sale for Mitsubishi Motors and the debut of Sony’s product platform in the country. In addition to these high-profile accounts, he also led all projects for TAM Airlines, Claro, and Accor Hotels, setting new standards for digital innovation.



Head of copy - GAD Design

In 2003, Rodolfo Barreto was invited to play a pivotal role in the creation of a new mobile phone company in Latin America. This ambitious project entailed building everything from the ground up, including the name, brand, assets, visual language, tone of voice, color palettes, etc. Beyond merely establishing a brand identity, the objective was to activate the brand across 26 states simultaneously, encompassing both communication strategies and the construction of physical stores. Remarkably, this monumental task was accomplished within a record-breaking 10 months. One year later, Claro emerged as the largest telecommunications company in the country.




Copywriter - Script Communication

Following his initial accolades as a creative, Rodolfo Barreto joined the esteemed creative team at Script Communication. There, he crafted compelling campaigns for high-profile clients such as Repsol, Iguatemi Shopping, and Lance Daily Sports. His exceptional work during this period earned him a prestigious shortlist nomination at the Cannes Lions Festival, further solidifying his reputation as a leading creative force.

Copywriter - Z+G Grey

Rodolfo Barreto was subsequently invited to join the distinguished team at Z+G Grey, where he collaborated with notable clients such as SmithKline Beecham, Levi’s, Furnas, and CSN. His outstanding work for CSN earned him his first career accolades, securing a Gold medal at Colunistas Rio and another Gold at Colunistas Brasil, marking a significant milestone in his professional journey.

Copywriter - McCann Erickson

Rodolfo Barreto launched his career in 1996 as a Copywriter at McCann Erickson Rio, where he contributed his talents to prestigious accounts including L’Oréal, Esso (Exxon), Gillette, and the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). His work with these prominent brands laid the foundation for his distinguished career in creative leadership.




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